COVID-19 Update Page

As most of you know the store was closed from March 2020 until November 2020.

We reopened on November 19th.

We installed a plexiglass shield at the counter, and there will be some strict rules enforced. As you know, COVID has not gone away, so we must protect our customers and ourselves.

Rules for visiting the store:
1. All customers must wear a mask - no exceptions. If you do not wish to wear a mask, or you do not feel the need to wear a mask, we understand; however, we also expect you to understand our policy and respect it. Anyone not wearing a mask will be requested to leave the store. No exceptions.

2. Social distancing will be requested - please do not crowd on isles or where other customers are present. We ask that everyone attempt to remain six-feet at minimum apart from other customers.

3. During this reopening, we can only accept one grocery bag of books for trade-in per visit.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the store directly. We look forward to seeing you again and having a successful reopening.

Thank you,
Mayfan and Clint